Photo Hunt in Copenhagen

Are you up for photo exploring Copenhagen in a weekend? Then go for my super fast guide. You get 24 main sights around inner Copenhagen. You can walk around to get serious fitness or rent a bike to move faster. Don’t do car. Parking will kill you and sight are actually really close. And with the Metro you will move fast if your feets are getting unhappy during the day.

The guide is simple and classic. You get a full blown easy to see and navigate map on one side with a few photo teasers. And a list to see what to look out for. And more importantly … where you should see the sight from. See it as a fast track for all sigts to get the insta angles immediately. Then go explore details or other if your time allows it.

Furthermore you’ll have one page coming with easy tips on how to manage your camera. And a table giving you the values if you are up for moving objects in your photography.

The folder is a folded A3 on stiff paper. It can by yours for only DKK 20,-