Portrait Photography

Get you unique face captured in a creative way. Pricing from DKK 1200,- VAT included.

Duration will be 1 hour and you will have up to a maximun of 10 images. This will depend on your different expressions. You will get the edited images 1-2 days after. The RAW images will have a little soft touch up to make you look even more stellar. You get them in 2 qualities. One for print and one easy to use on social media.

Image showing the difference in natural versus professional light. A model is show to the left in a diffuse light. On the right we se the very same pose but captured with additional light thus giving a more pleasing look.

Solid tips for you to look luxury with superb skintone

If you prepare just a little bit you will experience a better look. Showing up tired after binge watching your favorite streaming show cannot be fixed in Photoshop. Tired eyes are tired eyes. I can fix all skin issues and reduce wrinkles and ensure you get the most pleasing light distributed. So, pay attention to this:

Your skin needs attention!

A good skin means 8 hours of sleep. Yes, that’s right. Tiredness will show on your face and attitude thus impact your overall look in your headshot. So be rested to maximize your effort.

Drink plenty of water. It will give your lips more mass and less wrinkles. Simple trick with a massive benefit. Water. Less caffeine and oily food intake helps too. Eat loads of fruit and vegetables up to the day like tomatoes, kiwi, cauliflower and green leaves veggies. Moisturising your skin will give it more shine too.

White smile?

Coffee, soda and wine are usual suspects if your consider your teeth too yellowish. But smoking is a top bad boy here. The colour of our teeth is genetically determined and there is a high degree of variability. Pay attention in you overall oral health. Brush, floss and rinse everyday. Twice. To keep you tooth colour stable.

Make-up common issues

To much or bad make-up will make you look dated or artificial. Like to much eyebrow liner or eyelashes getting lumpy. Use little make-up to put pure authentic emphasis on your true look.

Mirror practice

It’s time to rehearse all your facial expressions. Big smile, half-smile, closed mouth smile, serious look. This is ultra important. You need to know your look before getting in front of a camera. Otherwise you wont feel the portrait captured the true you.

Stay focused with short concentrated sessions of 5 minutes. Rehearse only one look at a time. To really feel it – and nail it. So you can replicate it naturally at will. Basically you train your muscle memory so you can put more energy into the look in you eyes.

Be aware of expressions where the eyes will be squinted to much. There is a risk it will diminish your eye communication.

Communicate with you eyes

No matter the expression you are going for you need to show your personality. You need to go into character, express your eyes. Hold a thought that will create the authentic spark in you eyes. That is the goal.

The turtle trick

Sometimes your chin might appear to become doubled. When you smile the head goes a little back creating the double chin. To avoid this, rehearse the turtle trick.

Move you head a little-bit forward,1 up to maximum 5cm. It feels a bit awkward but double chin might be gone on the photo. And there will be a lot more emphasis on you face.